Moving On: Sometimes its the hardest thing you have to do

Moving On: Sometimes its the hardest thing you have to do

Moving on is a process whether it’s romantic or just friendship hell sometimes even a job because I been there too. Sometimes the action of moving on is necessary for our development and if you are in the business of displaying selflessness sometimes we are the ones that must be moved on from.  I feel that as humans we all react to things different especially dealing with the idea of moving on from someone that has been an important part of one’s life.  I write blog posts like this because I know sometimes people just need to hear a nonjudging view on certain things.

Moving on is such a phenomenal turning point in your life because it forces you to take back the power that you gave to others. This “power” often comes in many forms it can be as simple as learning to enjoy your own time again. Moving on is vital in your growth, I believe that in our growth when it relates to our relationships, people grow apart or grow together and keeping people around just because its easier than letting go never ends up good.

I have had people in my life that I loved dearly and it was in my best interest (sometimes theirs) for me to remove myself from the situation.  I know moving on is easier said than done and sometimes it’s easier just to move on from someone physically than emotionally but all you can do is take baby steps. I made some of my best songs finding myself after situations of me falling out with someone both romantically and friendships. The beauty in life is the growth and sometimes with growth comes the growing pains but trust when I say it will make you stronger.

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